Render of Embroidery Services

Molfil does embroidery on client’s pieces. In cases such as leather makers, or shoe factories, the embroideries are made on the cut pieces before they are made. We do embroidery will all types of line: viscose, polyester, cotton and even metallic.

Besides the pre-made pieces, Mofil makes embroideries on finished products, like for example t-shirts, hats and jackets.

We make embroideries from pre-design sketches, or we can create, according to the clients wishes and together with our Design Department, the final concept of what it’s just an idea.

In all situations, an embroidery sample is made to confirm quality, dimension and colors.

There can always occur a margin of non accordance that may vary between 0,5 e 1,5%.

Programs for Embroidery Machines

For any industrial embroidery machine, a program it’s always necessary to make it work and the name of that program is Film.

In this activity the Films are normally funded separately from the embroidery. Molfil designs programs for internal use, or to external use, and all the circulation of designs and films may be done by internet, facilitating work during creation.

From the programs quality, the quality of the product is born and this quality is obtained by our experience in our 21 years of existence.


Laser Cut and Engraving

We possess two laser cutting and engraving systems with optical system that allows us to make application cuts for embroidery of badges, fabrics, leather, and cardboard, amongst others.

Molfil has a very precise and efficient Laser Engraving system. Besides engraving, it can burn the surface of almost all possible materials, therefore providing two finishing types, depending on the final result the client whishes, engraving designs only limited by imagination.

The quality is guaranteed by the training of our technicians and our employees.


Sparkling Crystals Application

In an effort of innovation and procession of tendencies and of the fashion market, Molfil started offering a Sparkling Crystals Application service on tacks and fabric, or on leather that may, or may not, be accompanied by embroideries.

Together with you we can create the ideal material for that selected piece, that you wish to be yours only and with a perfect final finishing.


Sparkling Crystals Transfer

Besides applying Sparkling Crystals directly on the embroideries, or on a piece, Molfil has the ability to create motives/designs with Sparkling Crystals in films, which may be applied afterwards by us, or by our final client that possesses a press machine that allows it to do so.


Pearls and Tacks Engraving

Ancient Art, very common in the past, is now in fashion again both in the shoe and in the textile market. Through its machines, Molfil is capable of quickly stick tacks and pearls on fabrics or leather, giving it that long lasting finish, resistant to high temperatures, use and washes.


Direct Digital Imprint and Sublimation

Molfil has the ability to transfer the message you want to send onto t-shirts, bands, and all other type of support, either by using the Sublimation process (for supports, synthetic in its majority); or by using the Direct Digital Imprint process.

In both cases, the ink is passed onto the fabric, transforming it in a means for your message, whatever this might be.